1. If you buy cigars elsewhere, smoke them elsewhere.

    No outside cigars please.

2. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

3. Cigar smokers take preference over all other customers.

4. Do not give lessons on how to enjoy a cigar, unless asked for your opinion.

5. Abusive behavior towards our employees or customers will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave and not return.

6. Our hours are posted. We will let you finish a cigar within a reasonable time after closing.

7. Women are welcomed at anytime. Kids are not.

8. Free cigar on your birthday with the purchase of any cigar/cigars. Show proper ID, we will choose the cigar. Offer expires 7 days after birthday.

9. Majority rules the TV.  Shop owner/employees control the volume.

10. If you’re in a bad mood go home and come  back tomorrow.

11. You can disagree without being disagreeable.

12. The entire shop is being video taped. Shoplifters will be permanently expelled and prosecuted.

13. Be respectful of the lounge and other cigar smokers relaxing- take your calls outside.

Rules are subject to change at owners discretion.